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          Welcome to our virtual studio. Thanks for joining us online! Please find yourself relaxed, and happy. You are strong, You are smart, You are good! We are inspired by nature. Today is a good day to celebrate life and embrace the details! Tomorrow we wake up and go about our day with a positive attitude and purpose. Life is just easier if we are united in our thinking. So, just pop in some earbuds, play your favorite music, and allow your thoughts to become inspiration for what it is you may do!

      Our brain loves detail and our minds need structure and routines to balance. Repetition becomes the mother to skill. Your mind has all the answers you will ever need. Try to realize that we may know more about the moon than we do about our own brain. When you are able to access your mind you will begin to understand how you think. Try to be conscious of the things you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Your mind is far more powerful than any other invention. Please, allow yourself to visualize and allow your thoughts to make sense. Much love...    

Quote of the Week

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

      The Okavark is a school bus converted into a studio for creating and thinking. It is great for socials and conversations. The ark provides an educational experience and learning environment for all people. The addition of the basketball hoop allows for kinesthetic learners and stress relief.. The conversations are beautiful and balanced. This is a healthy way to exchange ideas, create art, and build relationships. Our mission is to serve the arts and service the people. More love...

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Be Kind

   All art sales help further the service! Artwork will be presented on this site open for analysis and able to connect! Please, invite your friends and family to check out our virtual studio and dont forget to join us to catch the latest releases and information on future events. Please leave a review if you able, and please be appropriate. This site changes daily...

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